New Elementary School on Seemsville Rd?

NASD Superintendent of Schools Joseph S. Kovalchik said residential growth in the district may add to the increasing student population and require the hiring of new teachers and building a new elementary school on the district-owned Seemsville tract in the next 10 years.

 Northampton Area School District (NASD) Board of Education voted 8-1 to approve the preliminary budget for 2018-19.

Millage would increase 2.06 mills from 52.77 to 54.83 mills, a 3.9-percent increase, which exceeds the state-mandated 2.9-percent increase allowed under Act 1. Read More :

Recap of 1/25 East Allen Board Of Supervisors’ Meeting 

Special thanks to Irene Kolessar for the recap of this meeting!!

East Allen Township Manager Job Posting

We published our letter to the East Allen Township Board of Supervisors in our January 22 Weekly Update. We wrote the letter  to get clarity on the hiring process.   It is our hope the board finds candidates with vast  administrative experience and sound financial management skills in order to choose the best qualified manager.

We were told the advertisement will be in the Morning Call for a ten day period and on the websites of neighboring municipalities. We were also provided a copy of the job posting. The Board has not set definite dates for the interviews yet. We asked if the interviews would take place in a public forum, and were told the Township has never conducted interviews in a public forum. They are held under Section 708 (a)(1) of the PA Sunshine Law  – Purposes for Executive Sessions.   We would like to thank the Board of Supervisors and Township Manager Ms.Seiple for their response to our questions. It is our hope the very best candidate with vast  administrative experience and sound financial management skills will be chosen as the new Township Manager. See the job posting below.

We need all the help we can get!  If you are interested in helping 
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EAT PC Meeting 02/01/2018 7pm
EAT BOS Meeting 02/14/2018 7pm
EAT BOS Meeting 02/22/2018 7pm

Allen PC Meeting 02/06/2018 7pm
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Allen BOS Meeting 02/27/2018 7pm