At the 02/12/2018 NASD Board meeting, Mr. Jaindl justifies building an elementary school next to industrial warehouses, saying;

As it relates to the comment to industrial next to school district property, I know, I think it might be important for the school board to know Parkland or the East Penn school districts where they do have elementary schools that existed for 35 years on Rt. 100 in the middle of an industrial park…” . To hear the whole exchange, go to the 23:50 mark of the video at the link below. Do you think it’s responsible planning to build a 2.5 million sq. ft warehouse on an adjoining property of a future school for the health and safety of the districts children? 

Public comment at Nasd School Board in regards to Jaindl project.

Posted by Citizens For Accountability & Responsible Development on Monday, February 12, 2018


Should logistics warehouses and schools be neighbors?

This is a whole new level of disrespect.”

Numerous health studies show that children who live close to heavy traffic and are exposed to particulates from heavy trucks have higher incidences of health problems, including asthma.

For years, warehouses have faced little opposition from elected leaders. Local officials typically green light the projects, heralding the logistics industry as a vital driver of the economy that employs tens of thousands of local blue-collar workers. When residents have spoken out against the projects, they’ve had little success in stopping them.

“They are afraid that this will be the new trend,” said Flores. “Next to schools and next to homes. The homes have been going on for a long time, but to schools? This is a whole new level of disrespect.” Read more:

Regions Air Quality Ranked With F Grades

A 2016 Mid-Year Industrial Logistics & Transportation released by the commercial real estate services company Colliers International Group Inc. named the Valley as one of the fastest growing regions for large warehouse development. The Lehigh Valley Planning Commission predicts the 40 million tons of freight passing through doubling by 2040.

What that will mean for the region’s air quality, ranked with F grades by the American Lung Association, isn’t clear, but people like Marin aren’t willing to wait around to find out. Read more from the Morning Call :

Air Pollution and Childhood Asthma: Recent Advances and Future Directions

It is now understood that traffic emissions, especially from diesel trucks and buses, contribute a large proportion to air pollution levels in urban areas [26]. Consequently, current research attention has shifted toward improving exposure assessment and characterizing adverse health effects associated with specific sources and components of airborne traffic-related pollutants.

 Identifying source contributions and toxic constituents of air pollution and accurately assessing air pollutant-related health outcomes are needed to direct pollutant-control strategies toward those sources responsible for the greatest burden of risk to asthma development and morbidity and to target interventions to susceptible populations.
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