Jaindl Re-Submited Land Plan to Allen Planning Commission

While significant strides were made by Jaindl for their on-site development plans, Chairman Eugene Clater stated that the off-site or infrastructure plans were majorly lacking. Jaindl will have another opportunity in January to bring revised plans to address both road and traffic concerns.

Allentown airport selects Majestic Realty to develop 297 nearby acres

297 acres of open space that the airport acquired through acquisition in the 1990s is being leased to Majestic Realty Co. of Los Angeles. This would give the authority a long term source of income instead of a one time lump sum. “We’re not exactly sure what we’re going to build because we want to really engage with the community.” “Our assumption has been that the residential neighborhood would like to remain buffered from commercial property”, said Majestic Senior Vice President Ed Konjoyan.

How much traffic will this add to the already over burdened infrastructure?

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Interstate Trucks Barred From Weaversville Road

At the Allen Township Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, October 24, it was announced by Eugene Clater, chairman of the township’s planning commission, that PennDOT will not be allowing Weaversville Road to serve as a truck access. This will prohibit interstate trucks on the township road.

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East Allen Township residents, do you want to get involved in your community?

There are openings on the Planning Commission, Zoning board and in Parks & Recreation. Letters of interest are due to the Township by Wednesday, December 27th.

East Allen Township supervisors set tax rate, budget for 2018

In years past, the budget has been accepted as long as there is not a tax rate increase. This year was a little different.

Lori Fox of East Allen Citizens for Accountability & Responsible Development (CARD) questioned several lines in the budget.


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