As we previously mentioned in a News posting on the website, we filed a FOIL / RTK request with East Allen Township for “The “Draft Weaversville Curve Study” (item #3 under Supervisors Business on the meeting agenda) presented and discussed at the Board of Supervisors’ public meeting on August 26, 2021.

It was received by them on August 30. They responded on August 31 as follows:
Hello there,
We are contacting PennDot to get their permission to release their study. To be able to complete your request we will have to ask you for a 30-day extension on the deadline of the Right To Know Request. This will give the Township time to get approval from PennDot for you. You can allow the extension through email. Have a great day!
We agreed to the extension via email. The extension will expire at the close of business, Oct.19.
The outcome of this study and plan could include eminent domain and the elimination of truck restrictions on Weaversville Road. This will impact areas beyond Weaversville Road with additional truck traffic and the accompanying toxic diesel fumes. It’s critically important the public be given access to this information.
If we do not hear from them by Oct.19, we will file an appeal with the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.
We’ll keep you posted.