The East Allen Board of Supervisors held a public meeting on August 26, 2021, at 7 P.M..

One of the items presented and discussed at the public meeting was “Discussion on the Draft Weaversville Road Curve Study”.
They presented different scenarios for the work that is being proposed which includes one where easements on private property would take place.
They included a slide presentation which was followed by a discussion of the study.
During public comments, we suggested the study be placed online to make the public aware of the study and give them the opportunity to become informed of the various scenarios. This study and the work resulting from it will not only impact Weaversville Road residents but on every resident of East Allen and many other surrounding communities.
The response was they had to get the consent of PennDot who authorized the draft study. Our contention is the draft was given to East Allen Township Supervisors and presented by them at a public meeting and should be available to the general public. To make certain the information becomes available to the public we have filed a Freedom Of Information Law / Right To Know request with East Allen Township for the “Draft Study”. We will keep you informed as to the outcome of the request.