A quote included in a WFMZ 69 NEWS article¬†by Jeff Ward and Justin Backover pretty much succinctly sums up the situation when it comes to The Lehigh Valley plague of warehouses/logistics centers:¬†“This proposal is a disaster for the quality of life in the Lehigh Valley,” LVPC Chairman Greg Zebrowski said, listing traffic, diesel fumes, extra costs for work on roads and a bridge and a general degradation of the immediate area.

This quote should be a “call to action” for the Lehigh Valley residents who are opposed to these concrete monsters which impact negatively the quality of life in our community.
These warehouses are an environmental justice issue. Residents need to come together in organizing opposition to these warehouses and other zoning issues impacting negatively on our communities. Attend your local government entities’ meetings and let your voices be heard!
Read the 69 NEWS article, “LVPC: Dutch Springs project is a ‘disaster’ that cannot be blocked”, at the link below: