A 2018 article in AGWEEK states the following:

1)A new report reinforces what almost everyone in U.S. food production already knows: Development is irreversibly diminishing the limited supply of U.S. farmland, raising serious food production, and economic and environmental concerns.
2)But the report from American Farmland Trust also finds that the loss of farmland is much greater than was generally known. 
3)”Farmland is critical infrastructure, akin to roads and bridges,” said John Piotti, AFT’s president and CEO. “Without farms, there’s not only no food but there’s no future. We need farmland to feed us and sustain our economy – but also to help restore our planet.”
Pennsylvania, including Lehigh Valley, has been particularly impacted by the loss of farmland.
. “The latest USDA ag census figures indicate that the commonwealth lost roughly 6,000 of its farms from 2012-2017. Development pressures will threaten prime farmland soils in the decade ahead.”