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Thank you for reaching out for more information about the proposed warehouse plans in Allen Twp. that will directly affect residents on Savage Rd, Atlas Rd & Weaversville Rd and will no doubt spill out to impacting other residents throughout the area.

The goal of this email account is to share all the public information that we have found, local representatives to call, write or email and meetings pertaining to 700 Savage Rd. { save the date for Feb 14th at 6pm at the Allen Twp Fire Hall the Board of Supervisors meeting: on the agenda, voting to rezone the land industrial after the recommendation from the council  – future plans will be proposing warehouse development} Coming to these meetings will keep you to be informed and aware of the details so you can best formulate your own opinion.


Map of Northampton Co. – freight land use analysis

VIDEO – freight land use tools – training video 

Northampton Co. website with all the program details

Below is a timeline of articles pertaining to this land parcel and the ongoing development conversations. Be sure to click the links and read the articles so you can be as informed as possible. If you find more information that we haven’t included in here please share it and we will add it.

July 2002 – SEI Trucking violation

2004 – property owners leased to event company hosting all night raves in residential area

Oct 2012 – Allen Twp Supervissors Meeting minutes

Dec 2018 – Allen Twp rezones parcels over residents objection

Oct 2019 – rezoning appeal

Jan 2020 – Good of the order #4 – motion to extend time for briefings

2021 – Allen Township supervisors approve settlement with K&H Development

Jan 2023 Board agrees trucks are a problem – Twp. Purchase of mini excavator and local traffic signs

Here are some resources for connecting with representatives – Please reach out to them via email, phone or written letter to voice your concerns as a resident about the proposed warehouse rezoning.

Direct contact with local representative Zach Mako

County Executive – Lamont McClure (who is against warehouse development) – 610-829-6500

Susan Wild – District 7 representative – email 

Phone: (202) 225-6411

Allen Twp. Board of Supervisors

Allen Twp. Main site  

Email comments directly to Allen Township :  [email protected]

Call the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission (610) 264-4544


Assistant District Traffic Studies and Signing Manager

Hannibal Moussa: 610-871-4482 [email protected].

District 5 rep

Angela Cooper: 610-871-4135 [email protected]


Dec 19th 2022 – this meeting was very different than the one we went to in January. December there was a full plan laid out, a rep from the sewer dpt was there, the engineer discussed logistics, the builders explained the emergency exit of the warehouse proposed would be onto Atlas Rd., how many parking spots, 91 jobs… a very different conversation than just lines on a plan like the Jan meeting.

Here are the Allen Township Municipal code links that can help our case. It’s a lot to look through but a great resource to familiarize yourself with and to cite when asking questions.

Things to consider:

  • PLEASE COME TO THE Board of Supervisors REZONING meeting  – Feb 14th at 6pm at the Allen Twp. Fire Hall – this is the first of many phases of this project.
  • Writing, emailing, calling OUR representatives.
  • The impact on neighborhood playgrounds where children play and families gather to enjoy the public spaces, and the dog park, all ON Atlas Rd and Savage Rd (that have no sidewalks)
  • Trucks are currently restricted from driving on Savage Rd, Atlas Rd & Weaversville Rd. Which is not being enforced by the State Police, who’s jurisdiction, it is on Weaversville Rd.
  • Breaking ground and blasting: how might this effect Greenwood Cemetery which is directly next to the proposed warehouse site.
  • the impact on local businesses like Ace Hardware, Abbey Road Veterinary, community building organizations such as St. Johns Church
  • Sharp 4 way stops where tractor trailers will not be able to make turns onto.
  • Additional tractor trailers and car traffic in the area.
  • Weaversville Rd’s construction was not completed to support this many heavy vehicles and the potholes are a direct reflection of that.
  • 2.5 million square feet of warehouse space along Nor-Bath Blvd are not fully
    occupied. {4.5% Vacancy rate in the Lehigh Valley – reference this article }
  • Bridges on local roads can’t withstand the truck traffic
  • Warehouses locally are still for lease.
  • These builders are from Morristown, New Jersey, they don’t know the things this community is already dealing with and what it needs.
  • Lehigh Valley Planning Commission even says no more warehouses!

Thank you again for taking the time and for your interest. We hope to see you at the meeting Feb 14th, 6pm at the Allen Twp Fire Hall. We will be sending out an email reminder to all who email and include up to date information about this land which will eventually be a proposed warehouse.


Bob & Sam on Weaversville Rd