Our last post titled “It’s better than warehouses, I hope”, featured an article from WFMZ News, stating  Lehigh Valley International Airport is evaluating some airport sites for use as solar fields. They are considering Lehigh-Northampton Airport Authority sites in North Catasauqua, East Allen Township, and Allentown. Some of the land is being leased for farming now.

This development led me to do some research on solar fields. There are some negative aspects of solar fields. There is a loss of farmland and open space in many cases. One of the areas being considered is in East Allen Township, which has a growing cornfield.

Land Use of Solar Panels and Fields Can Hurt the Environment

In terms of solar fields and large-scale solar power, the amount of land required for these operations can have negative environmental effects and adverse effects on wildlife. Solar fields negatively affect the environment in the following ways:

  • The removal of plants to make room for solar fields can negatively impact soil quality.
  • Large amounts of land are usually needed for solar fields, leaving less for agriculture and other natural uses.
  • Solar fields can disrupt the natural habitats of animals.
  • Solar fields might even directly kill birds if they utilize concentrated light.
  •  https://education.seattlepi.com/environmental-health-concerns-solar-power-6281.html
Anyway, it is futile to have a clean environment with sick or unhappy residents. Therefore, there should conduct a conclusive study on the impacts of living near a solar farm. 
In closing, I would like to add another consideration to solar fields sent to me by a friend and neighbor, regarding solar and agriculture co-location.
Let’s hope for the best!