Another warehouse is proposed for our community. This one in Allen Township.

Come to the next rezoning meeting at the Allen Township Fire Department located at Allen Township Fire Company, 3530 Howertown Road / Northampton, PA. 18067. The above flyer is by “Stop the Warehouse: Allen Township” Facebook. 

Hopefully, Allen Township officials will consider when is enough, enough. These warehouses have been a blight to our Lehigh Valley Community. Allen and East Allen Townships have their fair share. The warehouses negatively impact the quality of life of our community and its residents.

“The increased number of warehousing facilities not only consume large tracts of land, but also bring about substantial environmental externalities. Freight trucks generate air pollutants, noise, pavement damage, and traffic safety threats while moving into and out of warehouses”.

“The list of complaints can be as long as the buildings themselves: air pollution from increased truck traffic; the gush of increased stormwater; environmental justice conflicts; traffic woes; noise and light pollution; loss of farmland; and the abrupt change in community character”.

Hopefully, Allen Township officials will realize the negative impact of yet another mega warehouse in our community. We have enough of them already.

Finally, hopefully, Allen Township will follow the lead of East Allen Township officials who twice said no to the Rockefeller Group and their proposed warehouses. Just my opinion!